Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Technical Assistant (TA)

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To provide technical assistance to the Waghimera zone in the Amhara region, and UNICEF field office for the restoration of MNCH service (coordination, planning, implementation, training/mentor ship, rehabilitation, distribution of Supplies and equipment) in Amhara region.

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The conflict in Northern Ethiopia and other part of the country resulted in damage and vandalization of health facilities and equipment. Following expansion of the Tigray conflict to Amhara region, a total of 453 health centers; 1850 health posts, and 40 hospitals damaged in Amhara based on initial assessment conducted in November/December 2021 by respective RHB. Most of the damaged health facilities are non-functional and not providing health services and restoring the basic health service will be a priority. Maternal Newborn and child health services are most critical ones for restoration of essential health services. 

The restoration of health services has been implementing in partnership with the respective regional health bureaus (RHBs), Zonal health department, woreda health office and health facilities

The interventions include capacity building, provision of essential medicines, equipment, commodities and supplies including emergency health kits, strengthening community-health work, and improving infrastructure of damaged health facilities. 

The consultancy will support the overall restoration of health service by providing coordination, planning, implementation, training/mentorship, rehabilitation and ensuring distribution of Supplies and equipment to targeted health facilities.


As the scale of the ongoing armed war and the subsequent impact on health services in the region, additional human resource is highly demanded in the area of health emergency and MNCH program response to ensure the continuity of the provision of quality primary health care services to the affected communities and the restoration of health service in Amhara region

Amhara regional health bureau and UNICEF Amhara field office thus impeding the implementation of activities. To ensure quality implementation of the humanitarian health response and achievement and reporting on results, there is a need for an additional human resource.  Deploying one TA, to be placed in the Waghmra zonal health departments and work with RHBs, zonal, and woreda health staff to facilitate and conduct close follow up on training/mentorship, rehabilitation, distribution of Supplies and equipment – ensuring consistent, high-quality provision of services is part of the donor agreed proposal. The TA will also provide support to UNICEF field office in Amhara in the implementation of the project in conflict affected Waghmare zones.

Specific Tasks

To coordinate, lead and provide guidance on the health system activities to implement restoration of health service at all levels in priority conflict affected zones in Amhara region

 Summary of key tasks

  1. To coordinate and planning all health service restoration activities including ensuring quality Maternal,newborn and child care and psycho-social support training to the health workers and HEWs 
  2. To ensure timely implementation of project activities including ensuring timely budget request, utilization and reporting (both for physical and financial) 
  3. To support RHB to provide appropriate health worker and HEWs mentoring and coaching in clinical practice of maternal, newborn and child health care service and psychosocial support
  4. To ensure timely distribution and availability of medicine, equipment and supply, at end user health facilities 

Main duties and responsibilities.

coordination with Amhara regional Health Bureau, zonal health departments and UNICEF Amhara Field Office the post holder will:

  • Coordinate overall project activities. 
  • Coordinate provision of training for health workers on Emergency Preparedness and Response, Immunization, BEmONC, EENC, ICMNCI, IMNCI and NICU including counselling and psychosocial support
  • Coordinate provision of refresher training to health workers and HEWs,
  • Provide technical support (On-the-job training, supervision, mentorship) for the continuity of the quality MNCH services, Primary Health Care System, and disaster risk management activities in the woredas that have been affected by the conflict,
  • Ensure timely budget request, utilization and reporting (both for physical and financial) 
  • Support the strengthening of referral linkages among the hospitals, the health centers and the health posts through regular supportive supervision and identification of bottlenecks
  • Support RHB to provide appropriate health worker and HEWs mentoring and coaching in MNCH service. Collect and provide monthly based progress reports on progress made, challenges and opportunities to monitor progress for UNICEF Field Office and Ethiopia Country Office Support responsible and appropriate distribution and use of medicine, supplies and equipment procured by UNICEF for health facilities
  • Support the RHB to plan, implement and monitor Emergency Preparedness and Response activities including risk assessments, vaccination campaigns, establishment of CTUs and alternative modes of service delivery including use of MHNTs. 
  • Support health facilities repair/rehabilitation activities with focus on MNCH, emergency and HSS. 
  • Support last mile distribution of drugs and supplies for MNCH, health emergency other health/nutrition programs. 
  • Support NGOs (health PD) operational in the zone through capacity building, mentoring and monitoring
  • Conduct documentation of best practice including conducting human interest story and documenting challenges and lessons learned in restoration of health service activities
  • Provide support as needed and appropriate to RHB and Amhara Field office staff in planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of, Maternal, Neonatal, and Child health (MNCH) to ensure project integration and sustainability.
  • Conduct any additional assignment given by his immediate supervision, UNICEF Amhara Field office health program officer and deliver it in timely manner.
  • Coordinate activities with UNFPA and WHO Amhara field office staff and their implementing partners to ensure synergy, particularly in priority activities, geographic area. 
  • Conduct regular supportive supervisions and mentorship field visits to woredas and health facilities to ensure quality of implementation of health service restoration activities. 


The TA will be deployed in Waghimera zone-Sekota town with frequent travel to woredas and health facilities. The TA will work very closely with the Waghmra zonal health department and liaise with other relevant partners working on northern conflict humanitarian response.

The award will be made to the TA based on evaluation of application that best meets the requirement stipulated, considering experience, quality of the content of the application 


  • The TA will report to UNICEF Amhara Field office Health officer, Amhara RHB and their respective zonal health departments and the report will be shared at monthly based to UNICEF health section, Addis Ababa.
  • The TA will prepare and submit to UNICEF a comprehensive trip report detailing the following activities: major development, critical gaps, action taken and recommendations. 

Expected Deliverables 

  • Micro plan and action plan for overall project with RHB and UNICEF field office supported
  • Inputs and preparation of quality and timely monthly reports including human interest story provided Monthly work/ travel plan 3-5 days before new month enters and correct the plan according to feedback given by immediate supervisor.
  • High quality trainings to health worker and HEWs, on BEmONC, EENBC NICU, Emergency
  • Preparedness and Response, Immunization,  psychosocial support training and refresher training for HEWs
  • Mentoring and supportive supervision for trained Health Facilities conducted
  • Monthly/ weekly progress reports, to Amhara UNICEF field office and RHB submitted 

Time Frame and Mode

The TA will be hired for seven months starting from 1 March 2022 with third party, human resource hiring firm.

Payment term                   

The fees for this contract shall paid on monthly basis based on the submission of monthly reports against the deliverables indicated above



Expected background and experience 

The technical assistance must meet the following criteria 

Education level: University degree Doctor of Medicine (MD) or BSc- Health Officer (HO) or higher in Health-related field with public health background.

  • Experience in MNCH program/project management, training, supportive supervision, mentoring and coaching, preferably experience in the area of health emergency response and MNCH interventions
  • Knowledge and experience in women’s empowerment and gender equality beneficial. 
  • Skills in critical thinking and report writing, data compilation and analysis.
  • Being computer literacy (Microsoft office application) 
  • Being Knowledgeable about the region, zones and districts is of great asset
  • Can speak and read English and Amharic. 
  • Should have experience conducting HIS, assessment/Surveys.
  • Have the following characteristics verified by a recommendation by the agency releasing this to do the monitoring activity 
  • Be committed to the work and honest
  • Willing to work in different areas – including walking long distance when local transport is not available 
  • Ability to work well under pressure 

General condition 

  1. The consultant should work based in Sekota and with frequent field visits to woredas and facilities as required and work closely and will use Amhara RHB/rented vehicle to conduct any work-related visit
  2. The consultant will be managed under the direct formal supervision of the UNICEF Amhara filed level health officer/Health specialist with the support of the health specialist/PO from CO. 
  3. HR firm will pay monthly allowance/payment upon delivery of monthly expected deliverables report approved by supervisor on monthly basis.
  4. The consultant will not be provided lodging and/or meals. DSA will be provided 
  5. The consultant should provide his/her own materials, i.e. computer, etc.

Policy both parties should be aware of:

  • Under the consultancy agreements, a month is defined as 21 working days, and fees are prorated accordingly.  Consultants are paid for weekends or public holidays.
  • Consultants are not entitled to payment of overtime. All remuneration must be within the contract agreement.
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both Abh Partners Plc and contractor/ UNICEF.
  • Consultants will not have supervisory responsibilities or authority on UNICEF budget.
  • Consultant will be required to sign the Health statement for consultants/Individual contractor prior to taking up the assignment, and to document that they have appropriate health insurance, including Medical Evacuation.