Consultant for team building and social events for UNICEF Ethiopia Health Section Retreat.

ABH Partners PLC

This position requires to avail a consultant in person during the retreat sessions at Bishoftu

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Addis Ababa,

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  1. Background

The UNICEF Ethiopia Health Section is planning to hold an annual retreat with a gathering of the UNICEF Field Office and country office health experts. Forty to fifty participants are expected to attend the retreat. In this retreat, in addition to the programmatic planning and review meeting, different activities for team building and social events are planned.


Title:Consultant for team building and social events for UNICEF Ethiopia Health Section Retreat.

Purpose: This position requires to avail a consultant in person during the retreat sessions at Bishoftu

Level:Senor Consultant 

Location:Addis Ababa 

Duration:Five days 

No of consultants; :1 Through 

Start Date         9 May 2021 

Reporting to      Health Section, UNICEF 

  1. Justification

To have a very successful retreat, recruiting a senior team building facilitator who supports the team building, enhancing the team spirit, stress relief and social event activities are required.

  1. Objective:

The consultant is expected to reinforce team bonding, enhance team spirit, and energize the team for the tasks ahead of them.

  1. Specific Tasks, during her/his consultancy period


The consultant will prepare a quick assessment to understand the expectations and gaps of the team members, design different strategies and activities in consultation with the team, and facilitate the sessions during the retreat. 

  1. Conduct a brief rapid assessment with the selected national and regional team     
  2. Design the team building and social event activities,  
  3. Prepare a detail implementation plan and or agenda 
  4. Faciliate the team building and social event activities as per agreed agenda
  5. Collect feedback, and submit the report
  1. Methodology

The consultant will be hired through ABH. The consultant reports and is supervised by the Health Specialist, UNICEF Health Section.

  1. Duration & time frame of the consultancy:

The total consultancy period will be estimated to be five days. The consultant will develop the inception report as per the below expected deliverables in her/his consultancy period.

 Expected Deliverables

The consultant will have the following key deliverables: 




Timeframe (approximate)


Prepare and submit one pager inception report,


Rapid assessment

Inception report (1),

One pager assessment report and implementation plan (2)

1 day 


Design the activities, its facilitation approaches 

Detail activates incorporated retreat agenda (3)

1 day 


Faciliate the team building and social event session 

Approved agenda (4) 

2 and half days 


Collect feedback, and submit the report


Report (5)

Half day 

  1. Management and supervision
  • The consultant will be supervised and monitored by UNICEF.
  1. Payment
  • Payment will be based on approved, high-quality deliverables noted below (linked to deliverables in section VII: 

Payment schedule

Expected deliverables

Full payment (1005)


  1. Expected background and Experience

Education Requirements:  Advanced degree in psychology or a related relevant field. 

  • At least 15 years of progressive professional experience, working as a leader, project manager, trainer, counselor/ Psychotherapist. 
  • Demonstrated skills in team building and social events in the complex setting, 
  • Proven understanding of how design team building and social events activities 
  • Demonstrated ability as a facilitator and hands-on mentor  
  • Ability to work independently and respond to feedback in a timely and professional manner.
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to contribute to a teamwork process. 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English required. 
  • Good skills in communicating, facilitating group discussions, and conducting effective presentations, and trainings 
  • Prior experience as a consultant in development of similar documents
  • Flexible, capable of working under pressure and in tight timelines
  • Working with UN agencies in the similar capacities 

 Performance evaluations for service contractor

  • List of all major outputs/deliverables completed.
  • Quality of work (whether the services/end products correspond to the specifications of the TOR, and if not, why not). 
  • Deliverables achieved (whether the results correspond to the specifications of the ToR, and assess initiative/drive, including ability to take action and get things done);
  • Skills (strengths/weaknesses as related to accomplishment of goals/deliverables as set out in the TORs, including dependability and reliability in assuming and carrying out the commitments and obligations of the agreement.
  • Overall performance rating (Quality of work, Technical skills, Value for money, Meeting time schedule, Overall performance rating)