Construction Engineer

ABH Partners PLC

Incumbent will be responsible for monitoring and providing technical support to all construction activities at Field office (School infrastructures, Health Center, etc.)



Amhara, Ethiopia

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ABH Partners Plc is a leading consultancy and human resources sourcing firm in Ethiopia with about 15 years of experience in supporting the implementation of development programs and projects. ABH exists to fuel synergistic societal growth by harnessing local knowledge and international standard. Dedicated to the betterment of societal development, technical assistance, and knowledge management, ABH has gained credibility and industry experience in the development sector in general. ABH partners would like to invite applicants who meet the below requirements to apply for the position of Construction Engineer.

Required Number: 01

Duty station: Amhara Region

Salary: Attractive

Level: NOB

Duration: 11.5 months

Reporting to: Construction specialist (Steven Mugarra/ Amhara CFO)

Expected Start Date: Immediately after concluding the contract agreement


  • The fundamental mission of UNICEF is to promote the rights of every child, everywhere, in everything the organization does — in programs, in advocacy and in operations. The equity strategy, emphasizing the most disadvantaged and excluded children and families, translates this commitment to children’s rights into action. For UNICEF, equity means that all children have an opportunity to survive, develop and reach their full potential, without discrimination, bias or favoritism. To the degree that any child has an unequal chance in life — in its social, political, economic, civic and cultural dimensions — her or his rights are violated. There is growing evidence that investing in the health, education and protection of a society’s most disadvantaged citizens — addressing inequity — not only will give all children the opportunity to fulfill their potential but also will lead to sustained growth and stability of countries. This is why the focus on equity is so vital. It accelerates progress towards realizing the human rights of all children, which is the universal mandate of UNICEF, as outlined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, while also supporting the equitable development of nations. 


  • Ethiopia, the second largest refugee hosting country in Africa, hosts over 805,000 refugees and asylum seekers, predominately from South Sudan (44.5%), Somalia (26.2%), Eritrea (22.7%) and Sudan (5.6%). Of these, 56.5 percent (455,722) are children. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and multiple other humanitarian crises (conflicts and flooding), vulnerabilities of refugee women and children have only heightened. Indeed, even efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have inadvertently led to increased vulnerabilities by interrupted access to essential services. 
  • The armed conflict in the north and north western parts of the country further worsen the already fragile situation, several infrastructures like schools were either completed destroyed or several damaged - for this reason UNICEF CO is seeking the services of a construction engineer to be lead by the recently established construction unit to conduct a quick assessment which will be followed by construction activities leading to re-construction and full recovery of affected areas. 

Purpose for the Job 

  • Under the direct supervision and guidance of Construction specialist the incumbent will be responsible for monitoring all construction activities at field office (School infrastructures, Health Center, etc.) and providing technical support on managing construction and rehabilitation activities in other regions as shall be required. 

Specific Tasks 

  • Preparation of construction annual work plan Collaboration with UNICEF Programmes/Operations and coordination with Government counterparts 
  • Preparation of design and technical documents 
  • Support the procurement process for good and services. 
  • Monitoring of construction projects  
  • Coordination with other partners in the region 
  • Monthly reporting 


1- Preparation of construction annual work plan 

  • Prepare and collect information required for the annual work plan on regular activities, ongoing projects and others in the pipeline. 

2- Collaboration with UNICEF Programmes/Operations and coordination with Government counterparts 

  • Provide technical support in matter of construction project management to Programme/Operations sections; provide information to Programme on construction related activities to include them in their AWP or through other modalities. 
  • Aid Programme /Operations sections through involvement in construction project proposals, planning, and preparation of relevant terms of reference. 
  • Attend technical cooperation meetings; prepare PPT presentations on projects' progress; undertake follow-up actions in relation to project implementation and monitoring. 
  • Provide Programme/Operations sections with information on projects' progress; undertake appropriate actions to overcome technical obstacles, prepare bi-weekly or monthly reports on projects' progress. 

3- Preparation of design and technical documents 

  • Draft the scope of construction works based on Programme/ Operations requirements, budget, and site limitations; define deliverables and payment modality. 
  • Apply UNICEF standards (child-friendly, accessibility, MOSS, MORSS, etc.) to construction projects, taking into consideration the local environment and persons with disability. 
  • Check technical documents related to construction (design drawings, technical specifications and bills of quantities); verify whether they are clear, complete and compliant to programmatic and construction needs, eco-efficiency and accessibility requirements; undertake the actions required to endorse these technical documents by relevant ministries. 
  • Follow up with the designing firms and government entities for obtaining all permits required for construction activities prior initiating works. 

4- Support to procurement process 

  • Updated on regular basis the shortlist of potential construction companies and engineering firms available in the local market. 
  • Support in preparing tender documents in relation to construction works and engineering services; attend bidders' conference and present the technical components of the tender; draft answers on technical questions raised by the bidders during the tendering. 
  • Support Supply section in organizing bidders' conference and site visits; participate in the evaluation of technical proposals received and draft technical recommendation; if needed, provide support to Supply section on the analysis of financial proposals. 

5- Monitoring of construction projects 

  • Participate in the kick-off meeting of construction works with the construction company, the engineering firm and relevant government counterparts. 
  • Provide close monitoring on construction activities by undertaking regular site visits and conducting regular technical meetings including joint monitoring with relevant Government technical services; follow up progress for each activity per milestones and review site supervision reports to ensure work compliance with norms, standards, and timeline; verify quality and precautions on health and safety standards on ground. 
  • Use effective monitoring and supervision tools to ensure easily assessment of works quality, progress, and performance of engineering firms and construction companies during the entire duration of the project. 
  • Certify payments/variations and compile supporting documents; monitor construction expenditures and progress certificates; prepare and maintain relevant table for each construction activity.(only for staff positions) 
  • Provide assistance to UNICEF Contract Administrator on contract management, amendments, variations, duration extensions, applying liquidated damages, etc.; compile and archive project documents, minutes, correspondence, instructions, etc. 
  •  Participate in the partial, substantial and final reception of works after verifying the correction of all defects during the DLP; prepare and issue relevant certificates. 
  • Prepare Contract Performance Evaluation; provide assistance to UNICEF Contract Administrator on contract close-out in VISION; draft the final completion report with the lessons learned. 

 Expected Deliverables. 

  •  Preparation of construction annual work plan 
  •  Collaboration with UNICEF Programmes/Operations and coordination with Government counterparts
  •  Preparation of design and technical documents 
  • Support the procurement process for good and services. 
  •  Monitoring of construction projects 
  •  Coordination with other partners in the region
  •  Monthly reporting 


  • The incubate will directly be under the Amhara field office management policies and procedures and shall directly report the chief of Field office and a separate technical reporting line to head of construction unit under Supply section at Addis Ababa. 

Expected background and Experience 


  • A university degree is required in in civil engineering, construction engineering, architecture, or other relevant area. 


  • A minimum of two (5) years of relevant experience, at the national and/or international levels, in project monitoring, site supervision, quality assurance and/or other directly related technical fields is required. 

Understanding of development and humanitarian work. Emergency experience an advantage. 


Fluency in English is mandatory. Knowledge of another official UN language or local language of the duty station is considered as an asset. 

General Conditions 

  • The incubate will have a negotiation salary and she or he will be responsible for providing their own meals and lodging facilities, she or he will however be provided with DSA according to contract terms and conditions. 
  • The incubate will be allowed access to UNICEF office promises and provided with a working station or shall work remotely where necessary but in consultation with supervising manager. She/he could access UNICEF transportation as per UN rules and regulations. 
  • The incubate will provide his/her own materials like computers and other engineering tools to enable a smooth executed to allocated tasks. 
  • The incubate will take responsibility for paying all taxes due to the government according to the national policies in place, it’s noted that the incubate’ s final payment shall dependent on the completion of deliverables as well as hand-over notes and submission of a consultancy PER.

 Policy for both parties should be aware of

  • Under the consultancy agreements, a month is defined as 21 working days, and fees are prorated accordingly. Consultants are not paid for weekends or public holidays.
  • Consultants are not entitled to payment of overtime. All remuneration must be within the contract agreement.
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF / hiring company and the consultant or Contractor.
    Consultants will not have final decision-making responsibilities or authority on UNICEF budget.
  • Other working policies shall be stipulated in the contract or as per hiring firm terms and conditions.