Health Emergency Consultant- Amhara Region


To provide technical support to the Amhara Regional Health Bureau and Amhara Region Public Health Institute on health emergencies preparedness and response in general and IDPs response specifically and ensuring continuity of essential health services to IDPs and host communities including Supply and logistics management.


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  • Organize and facilitate zonal level trainings, workshops and other meetings and support the woreda staff for the woreda level training, workshop and meeting facilitation Including CMAM and IMAM
  • Provide technical support to conflict affected zones, woredas and health facilities on the adaptation of national health emergency strategies, standards, protocols, guidelines, training manuals and materials for health-related emergencies  
  • Provide technical support for the implementation, monitoring and reporting on GTN health emergency response plan and ensuring that  GTN  mandated emergency interventions in health priority focus areas are implemented, monitored and managed in a timely and effective manner.
  • Lead   and facilitate sanitation marketing activities coordinate with the PSI project Ensured the provision of appropriate mentoring and on job training for Health workers at targeted Health facilities using agreed tools example establishment of nutrtion village at my working  clusters 
  • Lead efforts to strengthen   wash and nutrition   at Regional, zonal and woreda levels in planning, response, and monitoring; ensuring the  response standards.
  • Project Planning   monitoring and Implementation and assure that detailed planning is continuously carried out and adjusted in a timely and effective manner in accordance with project requirements.
  • Collaborated with partners who are working on nutrition, WASH and SBCC and   government sectors to ensure planning and implementation of growth through nutrition   convergence and layering activities 
  • Lead grant under grant project of WASH and NUTRTION activities  at different woredas. 
  • Responsible for coordinating, organizing, and formulating required reports in accordance with project and donor requirements.
  • Facilitate and moblize  WASH activities coordinate with the PSI project  and report by using DHIS system 
  • Work Quality improvement activities at Model schools based on WASH AND nutrition activities at school level
  • Communicates continuously with the Regional and or the international office staff to describe program progress and proposes alternatives/ solutions in case of  best performance poor performance or any obstacles or gaps  in the implementation of the project in GTN project.
  • identifying and document learnings, organize and share learning sessions and follow up the implementation at all levels of program operations
  • Ensured Enhanced community conversation at community level and conduct TOT trainings and follow ups at woreda level 
  • Ensured that Nutrition multi-sectoral coordination is strengthened, support Prepared annual plan and participate in annual budget development for the program and ensure that  save the children Growth through Nutrition activities are fully harmonized with    annual plan.
  • Manage different GUG projects coordinate with the woreda health and agriculture office  
  •  Provide technical and operational support of the project WASH activities throughout all stages of programming processes and ensure integration, coherence and harmonization of WASH with other nutrtion Interventions in all the woredas of the  GTN project.
  •   Keep proper documentation of project periodic reports, note the project milestones, deliverables and other documents
  • Facilitate the School WASH and nutrition club at Woreda level
  • Provide overall technical and leadership support to the Sanitation Marketing Project target woreda in the zone.

2.Organization: - International medical corpus/IMC/

 Position: -sanitation and hygiene coordinator emergency of emergency Area 

Duration: From December 21/2016-  May 16/2017 

            Role and responsibilities.

  • Identify emergency needs, facilitate the distribution of WASH supplies including water treatment chemicals to needy people, ensure timely delivery and effective utilization at end user level. 
  • Plan and implement hygiene promotion activities and assure that they progress accordingly
  • Participate and provide inputs during development Social Behaviour Communication materials, ensure SBCC is incorporated in the planning and implementation of emergency WASH.
  • Work closely with schools and water office to mobilize the community
  • Conduct mobilization of training on hygiene and sanitation at community level
  • Support coordination of capacity building through training of trainers and frontline health workers for community health and WASH sector for improvement of the outbreak response 
  • Conduct rapid assessment at kebele and woreda level.

3.        Save the children international   ENGINE project WASH,   Nutrition and health    coordinator    Ethiopia, july 2013---July 30/201

  • Regularly review the effectiveness of multi sectorial coordination for nutrition, and update accordingly.
  • Ensure that Nutrition multi-sectoral coordination is strengthened, support prepared annual plan and participate in annual budget development for the program and ensure that  save the children Growth through Nutrition activities are fully harmonized with    annual plan.
  • Lead and facilitate the coordination of multi sectorial stakeholders, including relevant government sectors, that donors and nutrition development partners, academia, and private sector at the national level for effective implementation of the National Nutrition Strategy and Program. 
  • Conduct Quality improvement Training ,supportive supervion, cluster review and coaching and mentoring  for woreda health and Agriculture office HC and HP staffs and NNP committee in each Quarter.
  • Conducts biannual and annual performance review using the Balanced Score Card (BSC) tool, documents and submits to the   Senior Program Manager (SPM) for approval and submission to respective authorities.
  • Conduct Supportive supervision at HC and HP and FTC   level   to facilities implementing CMAM, IYCF and micronutrient activities.
  • Ensure that Nutrition multi-sectorial coordination is strengthened, support Prepared annual plan and participate in annual budget development for the program and ensure that  save the children Growth through Nutrition activities are fully harmonized with    annual plan
  •  Ensure that Nutrition multi-sectoral coordination is strengthened, support the livelihood team to mainstream nutrition in to agriculture and program activities are coordinated at all levels.
  • Ensure that wash business development services and capital for private enterprise emphasis on mobilizing business development services and monitor the sanitation marketing system has conducted properly.    
  • Ensured that all donor compliance and save the children rules and regulations are strictly followed during day to day program operations.
  • Ensure Sanitation marketing and water construction has conducted properly 
  • Collaborated with partners who are working on nutrition, WASH and SBCC and   government sectors to ensure planning and implementation of GtN convergence and layering activities
  • Develop annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly implementation plans for Health and nutrition

4. Amhara development Association /JSI L10k Project    ,Ethiopia,                     may 2009 -June 2013

Nutrition, WASH and    Reproductive maternal neonatal child health (RMNCH)Regional coordinator of   Amhara Region, Ethiopia   

Career Highlight Implemented Monitoring and supervision, managing cluster coordinators more than 21      coordinators at zonal and woreda level, and facilitate the recruitment and follow the budget   .

  • Organized and facilitated RMNCH related trainings for health extension workers (HEW), and voluntary community health workers (VCHWs).
  • Lead & monitor   different pilot projects within the project (CBDDM- Community Based Data for Decision Making, PCQI-Participatory community quality improvement, CSF-Community Solution Fund &NFI-Non financial Incentive).
  • Cooperate with other program staff to ensure good integration with other program areas in general and of sanitation and hygiene promotion in particular.

5.Government –  Benshangul Gumuz  ,North Gondar zone ,  Ethiopia                  Sept   2001-April 20                                                                                                                        

Zonal and Woreda Hygiene and environmental   health   and HEWS coordinator       

Career HighlightWorked on    hygiene   and environmental health   WASH coordinator, employing  ,WOREDA health               office and health center level core values embedded in entire approach and dynamics of teamwork relations.

  • Conduct water hygiene and sanitation activities follow  up  at World bank and EOC DICAC project in the woreda 
  • Ensure Woreda sanitation activities were conducted properly  
  •  Coordinated woreda health office activities Environmental and sanitation activities at community and school levels .
  • Provided technical and material support to health clubs in schools
  • Represented the district health office in different meetings, seminars and conference
  • Advanced university degree in the field of public health, field epidemiology and health related background
  • Minimum of 5 years work experience in emergency and experiences working in Ethiopia’s health sector or NGOs working in emergency
  • Fluency in English is required, and knowledge of the national and regional working language is also required.