National COVID-19 vaccination, Technical Assistance

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To provide technical assistance on the national COVID-19 vaccine Rollout and the overall coordination of the monitoring and evaluation process, advocacy communication and social mobilization activities, AEFI surveillance and monitoring, and the capacity building of regions regarding COVID-19 vaccine.



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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ABH Partners Plc is a leading consultancy and human resources sourcing firm in Ethiopia with about 15 years of experience in supporting the implementation of development programs and projects. ABH exists to fuel synergistic societal growth by harnessing local knowledge and international standard. Dedicated to the betterment of societal development, technical assistance, and knowledge management, ABH has gained credibility and industry experience in the development sector in general. ABH partners would like to invite applicants who meet the below requirements to apply for the position of National COVID-19 vaccination, Technical Assistance.

Required Number: ONE

Duty station: Federal MoH

Salary: Attractive

Level: NOC

Duration: 24 Months

Reporting to: MOH EPI team lead in collaboration with UNICEF ECO Immunization Specialist

Expected Start Date: Immediately after concluding the contract agreement

  1. Background and Justification

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).  COVID-19 was initially reported from Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and currently the disease is a global pandemic affecting all countries, including our country, Ethiopia. The global COVID-19 pandemic has been exerting high negative impacts on the health, social and economic wellbeing of people in our country. World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, WHO’s highest level of urgency. On 11 March, WHO made the assessment that COVID-19 could be characterized as a pandemic? On March 13, the first confirmed COVID-19 case was declared by the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The MoH, in collaboration with partners, has been working on the prevention and response of COVID-19 pandemic to halt its spread and reduce the negative impact of the pandemic. So far Ethiopia received more than 12million doses through COVAX dose sharing, bilateral donations from countries and self-financing through AVAT. The COVID-19 vaccine deployment has been undertaken in a phased approach based on population risk levels, global availability of COVID-19 vaccines, and operational feasibility. As a continued effort, the MoH has successfully launched COVID-19 vaccine at national, regional and city administrations level on 13th of March, 2021 by vaccinating health workers and support staffs followed by next target group vaccination based on the prioritization. As at November 2021, close to 3.7m individuals has took their first jab of which 2.7m have been fully vaccinated. However, there is a huge unmet need due to multiple factors yet to be addressed. Demand and supply inconsistency due to global shortage of vaccines, vaccine hesitancy, and lack of resources, current country security situation, and the like are some of the factors affecting the full scale up of the vaccination program. Also, the COVID-19 cases and deaths are increasing which needs collective action to mitigate the pandemic and intensify the control and prevention measures.  The Ministry is expecting the next successive vaccine shipments to address the 40% (more than 40 million) of target population so that a lot of continuing activities remained to be performed for the national rollout and continued implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the process. 


To provide technical assistance on the national COVID-19 vaccine Rollout and the overall coordination of the monitoring and evaluation process, advocacy communication and social mobilization activities, AEFI surveillance and monitoring, and the capacity building of regions regarding COVID-19 vaccine. Under the overall guidance and supervision of the Ministry MCH/ EPI unit, the technical assistant will support the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the planning & coordination, vaccine supply and distribution, preparation, training, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation to access the vaccine for the targeted population group equitably including security compromised areas.

       3. Specific Tasks

  • Provide technical support to the functions the ICC (Interagency Coordination Committee) and the NITAG (National Immunization Technical Advisory Group) as setting agendas, meeting procedures and ensure that decisions and action points are being followed-up and implemented.
  • Provide technical support to the National Technical Working Group (NTWGs) for COVID-19 vaccine national Rollout and participate in the meeting regularly.
  • Support regions to establish and/or revitalize their COVID-19 task force and TWGs to support the service delivery, vaccine cold chain & logistics, demand generation and communication, targeting (Microplanning), COVID-19 surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of the coverage among at-risk groups and monitoring of vaccine impacts, safety of vaccine AEFI (Adverse Events following Immunization) detection and response.
  • Support in the revision of National Deployment and vaccination Plan (NDVP) with input from relevant bodies (COVAX, ICC, NITAG and the TWGs. Liaise with the national immunization program, national Regulatory Authority, AEFI Committee to enrich the plan
  • Support EFDA to confirm to the Ministry the existence of any expedited regulatory pathway for approval of COVID-19 vaccines (i.e. emergency use authorization, exceptional approval for the upcoming other COVID-19 vaccines)
  • Provide technical assistance at all levels to estimate potential numbers of target population that will be prioritized for access to vaccines stratified by target group ad geographic location.
  • Support in the development of Macro and microplanning exercise for COVID 19 vaccination deployment
  • Provide technical support on evidence generation and quality data for action
  • Regularly monitor country’s readiness by completing RAT/VIRAT
  • Provide technical assistance in the development and revision of training materials by adapting and translating training materials developed by WHO.
  • Develop training plan that include key groups of participants, content topic areas, key training partners and training methods and conduct training vaccinators, supervisors and other who participate in the vaccination
  • Develop and adapt existing surveillance and monitoring framework with a set of recommended indicators (Coverage, acceptability, disease surveillance etc.,,,) for COVID-19 vaccine
  • Develop and adapt necessary reporting and monitoring tools (Vaccination cards/ certificate, facility based register, tally sheets, vaccination reporting formats and analytical tools to monitor progress and coverage
  • Identify potential COVID-19 vaccine delivery strategies leveraging both existing vaccination platforms and non-vaccination delivery approaches to best reach identified target groups.
  • Conduct readiness assessment on regular basis to identify areas for support and improvement
  • Plan for handling AEFI if happens and make sure on the availability of AEFI kits and forms
  • Capture and share lesson learned and good practices that can potentially leverage the routine immunization and outbreak response practices
  • Participate in COVAX post-introduction evaluation exercise
  • Support continuation of routine immunization (RI) activities at all level
  • Perform any other activity as required by national MCH Director/ EPI manager
  • Ensure the operationalization of COVID 19 precautions during immunization services provision
  • Facilitate and monitor timely budget utilization and liquidation of COVID-19 implementation and other RI budget
  • Frequent traveling to field (sub-national) as necessary
  • Summit monthly report to the immediate supervisor (EPI manager)
  • Submit a detail final report at the end of the assignment.

                  4.Expected Deliverables and Time frame

Submission of monthly progress reports Monthly
Submission of meeting minutes from COVID-19 coordination forums (ICC (Interagency Coordination Committee), the NITAG (National Immunization Technical Advisory Group); and COVID-19 National Technical Working Group (NTWGs), etc.)Bi-weekly 
Regular update on functionality sub-national (RHB) COVID-19 Taskforce and TWGsMonthly
Submission of trainings, monitoring and supervision reports Monthly 
Submission of documentation of the detailed process including lesson learned, best practices and human-interest stories (HIS)Quarterly 
Submission of guidance/protocol for the rapid assessment to identify areas for support and improvement.Bi-annual 
Support Data collection, analysis, and written report Bi-annual 
Report key findings from the readiness assessment for introduction and vaccination campaigns.Monthly
Share regular progress report of the sub-national performance Monthly
Develop and report COVID-vaccination implementation report including AEFI documentation and report.Quarterly
Annual report and recommendations.Annually

      5. Reporting

The consultant will be directly recruited by third party HR firm, and reports to the FMOH EPI team lead and UNICEF ECO Immunization Specialist. 

     6. Payment Modality and Schedule    

The fees for this contract shall paid on monthly basis based on the submission of monthly reports against the deliverables indicated above. 

7. Expected background and Experience

Suitable candidate: Technical and good communication skills, analytical skills to identify critical issues and good writing skills, knowledge and skills in the subject  

Essential: First degree in any health science with specialized training (Masters) in public health or epidemiology. 

  • Over 7years’ experience in Public health programs, preferably in Immunization and vaccine preventable disease surveillance. Prior experience of implementing or supporting routine immunization programs at least from woreda level to higher in a developing country. Previous experience in quantitative and qualitative assessments and data analysis is essential.
  • Demonstrated experience providing technical assistance to governments on the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination and routine immunization activities.
  • Fluency in English both speaking and written is a requirement. Fluency and Working knowledge of local language will be an asset.

Other Skills: Computer literacy: Proficient in use of Microsoft Office applications, and statistical software.

Desirable: Previous experience working with MOH, UNICEF or UN agencies. Familiarity or experience with immunization program will be an asset. 


  • The consultant will be based at FMoH
  • The consultant will not be provided lodging and/or meals
  • The consultant will use his/her own materials, i.e. computer/laptop, phone etc.
  • For the duty travel, the consultant will be provided rented car by HR firm and also DSA as per the guideline.
  • The consultant will be paid monthly by HR firm upon completion of deliverables as indicated on this TOR and approved by the supervisor

Competencies required: 

  1. Communicating in a credible and effective way
  2. Fostering integration and teamwork
  3. Building and promoting partnership and multi-sector
  4. Moving forward in changing environment

Policy both parties should be aware of:

  • HR firm will manage all the administrative issues and aspects based on HR’ policies and procedures.
  • All remuneration must be within the contract agreement through the HR firm
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both HR firm and the consultant.
  • Travel will be facilitated and managed by the HR firm in agreement with UNICEF.
  • Consultants will not have supervisory responsibilities or authority on UNICEF budget.