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Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews to start.

ABH Partners PLC

Child Protection in Emergencies (CPIE) Consultant Oromia

Provide Child Protection in emergencies technical, operational and coordination support in complex/acute emergency settings.
ABH Partners PLC

Zonal Multisectoral Coordinator of the Food and Nutrition Coordination Unit/ Consultant (9)

Zonal Multisectoral Coordinator is respon sible for day-to-day management of the 'zonal food and nutrition technical committee/ secretariat in the zone and ensure timely execution ofthe 'Food and Nutrition policy, strategy and programs
ABH Partners PLC

Strengthening Medical Oxygen System and Services Technical Advisor

To provide technical support to the Clinical Service Directorate to strengthen the national medical oxygen ecosystem, production, distribution, use and management.
ABH Partners PLC

Design Manager

Responsible in coordinating all design matters relating to a project, helping to ensure that the multi-disciplinary teams building the project work together smoothly and that everything is delivered on time and within budget.
ABH Partners PLC

Rollout Manager

Responsible to execute the entire deployment and planning of rollout activities including site survey, site preparation, equipment implementation, site documentation, integration and acceptance.
ABH Partners PLC

Maintenance PD

Responsible for keeping the ground operations running by managing and overseeing all maintenance and maintenance-related activities, ensuring that all maintenance operations are done in accordance with company policy, finding the time to get day-to-day tasks done with out all the interruptions from staffs & operators.

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