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ABH Partners PLC

Emergency Nutrition Officer Gambella

One of the monitors will serve as the focal person/coordinator. The coordinator will be responsible for the performance of the team and will also take the field monitor role. The coordinator will work based in the regional capital.
ABH Partners PLC

Logistics Officer- warehousing and distribution

This post is aimed at hiring a senior health supply chain technical consultant who coordinates capacity building on warehousing and distribution at EPSS North Western(Bahir dar), Eastern Cluster(Dire dawa), Western Cluster(Jimma) or South cluster(Awassa) The senior technical consultant will take the lead in the optimization of the warehousing and distribution operation of the cluster hub and all other hubs under it with an objective of creating a capacity at EPSS that ensures upcoming integration of UNICEF-procured child health commodities into EPSS’s supply chain.
ABH Partners PLC

Senior Logistics Associate-Customs clearance

Support in timely custom clearance, to increase efficiency and reduce the cost related to delayed custom clearance. The support will include mainly the Maternal Health Commodities i.e. Vaccines, test kits, drug/medicines among others. The function will work closely with custom clearance authorities, airlines, and custom clearance agents
ABH Partners PLC

Supply Chain Officer- Pipeline monitoring

Technical advisor to support on the pipeline monitoring of all health commodities received and managed by EPSS. i.e. FMOH, EPSS/other Partners commodities. The function will also work on the warehouse space availability analysis, reporting on the upcoming commodities in the pipeline, and guide on optimal warehouse space utilization. S/he shall monitor and report progress and provide areas of strengthening and the approach.
ABH Partners PLC

IP Technical Support Engineer

Responsible in implementing and maintain the network, offer technical assistance to the IP Network devices, handling technical issues, fault finding and maintenance operations, commissioning installed data communication equipment, troubleshot problems found in the live network and prepare documentation of the design and implementation of the network as per customers requirement.
ABH Partners PLC

Survey and Design Manager

Responsible for preparing contracts and reports, presenting right-of-way plans, and performing fieldwork, overseeing a site and directing crews on survey plans, coordinate all design matters relating to a project, preparing proposals, contracts and reports, consulting with clients and drawing/drafting maps.

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