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RENCU Nutrition Coordinator Regional

Building the technical capacity of the RDRM /DPFSB /EWCP and partners for emergency nutrition situation monitoring, mapping, and analyzing IDPs both response and gaps, conduct rapid, nutrition assessment and information management and maintaining data quality; establishing and implementing quality assurance systems for nutrition information and nutrition surveys
ABH Partners PLC

Communication and Demand Promotion for COVID-19 Vaccination Technical Assistant (Addis Ababa)

Purpose:       To provide technical support on the national rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and to ensure that public acceptance and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in Ethiopia is adequate with effectively planned, developed, implemented and monitored social mobilization and other communication activities and interventions ultimately ensuring interruption of the virus transmission is achieved.
ABH Partners PLC

Regional Health Emergency Consultant-SWEPR

Purpose: To recruit one regional Health Emergency consultant to support the SWEPR region's efforts in building a resilient health system through strengthening coordination, developing EPRP, and monitoring the effectiveness and quality of emergency response against the current ongoing and anticipated health emergencies like the drought emergency, Measles outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic, and flooding.
ABH Partners PLC

Child Protection in Emergencies Consultant SNNPR

Purpose:To provide technical and operational support to the implementation of Child Protection in Emergency Response in SNNPR and with a special emphasis on drought responses in South Omo and konso zones of SNNPR and conflict-affected children in – the southwest region/Bench sheko zone -Guraferda/ and other Emergency sites in the three regions/SNNPR, Sidama and SWRE/
ABH Partners PLC

Title: Child Protection in Emergencies (CPIE) Consultant- Afar

Purpose: Provide child protection in emergencies, technical, operational, and Coordination support in Complex/acute emergency settings

Survey Solutions Supervisor

Responsible for supervising and leading the survey team during surveys and assessments, liable to provide technical support for the team to make sure that supervised standard survey methodologies are applied during the survey period to check the quality of data through Survey Solutions software and to provide timely feedback.

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